Power Supply and Ground Problem in Daughter Board and DSK6711

Started by Henrry Andrian October 27, 2003
Dear all,

I have some problem related to Power Supply and Ground in Daughter
Board and DSK6711. Currently I am using DSK6711 as main board and
CMOS Sensor+FIFO+FPGA as the daughter board. My CMOS Sensor power is
5 V, FIFO is 3.3 V and FPGA is 5 V. All power of the CMOS Sensor,
FIFO, FPGA and DSK6711 have separated power supply. The signal of
FIFO, CMOS Sensor, FPGA is free of noise while not connected to
DSK6711 or while the DSK6711 on the reset mode or /ARE,/AOE wasnot
occured. But when I run Code Composer, the /ARE, /AOE is occured, my
daughter board will be efected. Expecially in the FIFO control
signal and the worst case will affected to my FPGA signal. The worst
case happened when I run my program which mean that /CE, /ARE, /AOE
will occur simultenouly. Sometimes, my FPGA signal will disappear. I
really give up about this problem. I have tried several thing to
elimate this problem. The last thing that I have done is using
common power source that will have common ground. But it still didnt
solve this problem.

I wonder to know, what is wrong with the DSK6711. All signal output
from CMOS Sensor and control signal from FIFO is very good. But
everytime I connect this daughter board to the DSK6711 and /ARE,/AOE
and /CE occur, it will occur a lot of noise that will affect my
daughter board.

I really hope, somebody could help me in this problem. I have really
tried to solve it by myself. I wont post this problem, If I could
solve this problem. Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Henrry Andrian