software reset and dma status clear

Started by di he November 7, 2003
hello !
  i am emulating my C6203 board under CCS2.2, everything goes well
except the software reset.
  i can't software reset my C6203 board through JTAG interface !
  when i select debug>reset CPU in CCS2.2, an error always occur !
and i am forced to quit the CCS.
  when reset cpu by this way, a funtion as follows in the gel file
will run, right?
 OnReset(int nErrorCode)
  ...// custom init_functions
  i tried comment some or all the lines in this function, error still
occurs when reset.
  who knows the tricks inside the software reset ? how dose it work ?
is there some help files in TI'web about this ?
  i still have a problem with the DMA
  every time i startup the ccs, i check the dma regs, sometimes the
DMA channel0's status bit isn't 00b, i think this is because the dma0
did't finished it's work at last time.
  when this happen, i find i can't clear the status bit to 00b by
software ways, and the channel 0 refuse to run another task, at this
time, even the other DMA channels can't run too! i think this is because
the channel 0 occupied the dma auxiliary channel which generats the
address for the dma0,1,2,3. am i right ?
  sometimes the DMA channel0's status bit is 00b, and everything goes
  i think if my ccs software reset works right, the status bit of DMA
will be cleared after the reset. is there some other software ways to
clear the dma status ? except the ccs reset and the hardware reset.
 i really need your help, thanks!