C6211 HPI Interrupt Problem

Started by Unknown February 23, 2001
Hi everybody,

I am currently working on the C6211, and am trying to interrupt the
DSP through the HPI. The TI documentation details the use of DSPINT
on the HPIC to send an interrupt, and the initial setting of the bit
to boot from the host is working properly. My problem lies in setting
the bit later on to trigger an interrupt after the DSP is running.
The manual states that only the CPU can clear the DSPINT bit, I'm
running a loop which monitors the DSPINT until it clears, at which
time it begins idling... but after the DSPINT is cleared, a read of
the HPIC shows that it is set almost immediately thereafter. Does
anyone know of a bug or similar problem? I suspect the EDMA might be
sending an interrupt, are there any intitializations or settings that
I may be leaving out? Any help would be appreciated....

Don Eubanks
Signalogic, Inc.