Fast interface to PC from DSKBoard

Started by Henrry Andrian April 7, 2004
Dear all,

Hi I have question related to PC Interface. I have planned to send
an image frame (320x240) from DSKBoard to PC. Currently I am using
DSK6711 DSKBoard, which is using LPT1 Paralel port to send the image
frame to PC. Because of the LPT1 limitation speed (500KBytes/s), so
the image frame rate is only 1 fps after arriving in PC. To improve
this speed, I have planned to change to other DSKBoard.

I have saw DSK6416 which produced by Spectrum Digital & TI. In this
DSK6416, It have USB 1.0 interface. I have tried to find whether I
could use the USB 1.0 interface and I found there is SDJtag program.
Before I move to the DSK6416, I would like to ask to whom have
experience in DSK6416 about the USB interface. Because I want to
make sure that the USB interface can be used to sending / receiving
data from DSK6416 to PC, if it can be used for sending / receiving
data than it can be used to sending image data from DSK6416 to PC.

If it the USB interface on DSK6416 cannot be used for this purpose,
could anyone suggest me for other DSKBoard that can have fast
interface like USB for sending / receiving data from DSK to PC.

Thank you

Henrry Andrian