simultanous use of 2 McBSP

Started by jalal_habibi July 22, 2004
Hi all
I use dsk6711 with a doughterboard with 2 codec on it. my codecs
generates frame sync. pulses for McBSPs. each coded samples from a
sound sources and record the samples and put the received sample on
the other codec. The structure is like this:

input_signal1 --> codec1 --> McBSP1 --> McBSP0 --> codec0 --> out_sig0
out_sig1 <-- codec1 <-- McBSP1 <-- McBSP0 <-- codec0 <-- in_sig0

writing to McBSPs handled by polling(by checking the SPCR bits) and
read from them by interrupt on frame sync. pulses from codecs.

Now the problem is that each channel works well, but when we use 2
channel at the same time, the system does not work.
I would be pleased if any one could help me.