TMS320C6416 Ext interrupt 5

Started by ramya_m October 22, 2004


This is with regard to a problem that we are facing with our DSP
TMS320C6416 , version E.
The external interrupt 5 , which is multiplexed with GPIO pins is
used in order to provide event synchronisation
to the Edma.We have configured the GPEN=0xF9 and GPVAL=0xF9.This
would mean that GPIO5 is enabled
to function as a GPIO , when , in fact we need it to be an external
interrupt.The application
doesnt work when GPEN=0xD9.

Also, the code works perfectly when run on the emulator , but fails
to work when booted from flash.
Is there any regiser configuration that we have missed out?Also ,
what are the exact configurations
to be done to configure the external interrupt 5?
Awaiting a reply at the earliest.

Thanks and best regards,