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Started by Manjunath G - Shipara,Bangalore November 24, 2004


You may have to look in to camera initialization part,if Enabled before
improper cameara control parameter(if u r using camera) after down
loading new image it might not execute properly.

1)Check old codes boot loader which copies new image should not over lap
during copy(as boot loader lasts for only once during copy(BEGINNING)
let it b any where in the IRAM)
2)lets say old code boot loader has _c_int00 at 0x0 address and new
image _c_int00 address at some xyz address location, then u take care of
passing the control from BOOTCODE of _c_int00 to your
Application_c_int00 properly I the CMD file. Manju Yadav
HCL Technologies Limited
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Subject: [c6x] software reset

Hi all
coming again with the same problem i.e. software reset
for software upgradation for 6711 DSP. We are sending
new image (the new software to be run on DSP) to the
DSP through some communication channel. The received
image we are burning into flash. Then we are branching
to 0x0 location using assembly branch instruction.
The dsp is not getting up, but if we make a hard reset
the dsp successfully running the new code.
If we send the same image which is already running on
dsp, it burns that image and makes a successful reset.

We have fixed the _c_int00 to fixed location in the
cmd file.
We are resetting the peripherals which are in use.
disabling the interrupts and global interrupt.

We are expecting that when we branch to 0x0, at this
place old code's boot loader will be there, this
bootloader will copy the new code into iram and then
jumps to c_int00, which will be same for both the
and then it has to function with new code, but its not
coming up, it works with new code only after hard
Pls help

Thanks in advance, =====
Cell: 9880 177365

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