Processor Reset on TMS320C6711 Via Software?

Started by Brad Cadle September 10, 2001
I would like to be able to force a processor reset via software.  Our software uses DSP/BIOS on a TMS320C6711 with code composer 1.20.  We have the reset line of the processor tied to a watchdog supervisor circuit so one mechanism that works is to halt Kicking the Watchdog.  The method is inelegant and requires about a second for the watchdog to do its thing (since the watchdog is setup to expect kicks about 1/2 to 1 second apart.).
Now TI Document SPRA640A (Programming and Debugging Tips for DSP/BIOS) indicates that a Jump to Address 0x00000000 should result in a clean reset of the processor since this is the location of the reset vector.  Unfortunately, When I try this, I hang the software and the system does not come back up.
Q1:  Has anyone else tried to use this method to implement a software reset, and any ideas why I am not seeing a clean restart of the system?
Q2:  Is there another way I should use to force the processor to reset from within the firmware?
NOTE:  We are NOT interfacing to the HPI so I assume using the Warm reset features via the HPI is not an option.
Brad Cadle: b...@bioscrypt.com