Help please

Started by pnic007 December 23, 2004

Dear all,
I'm desperately trying to configure an EDMA transfer between my DSK
(TMS320C6711) and the audio codec PCM3003. As you must have guessed
I'm a novice into the field and have no other option but to ask fro
your help. I'm trying to implement the example given in
the "spra783a.pdf" but keep getting the following error, could some
one help me to solve this problem please?

"c:/ti/c6000/bios/include/csl_chipal.h", line 187: fatal error:
#error CHIP_6711 1".

And also if some one has the necessary files for an audio
application using the EDMA with the above equipment, would you be
kind enough to share it with me. Thank you.

Think of helping me as a gift you give some one for Christmas.
Merry Christmas to all of you.