DM642 video decoder input

Started by lekshmi_shobha March 25, 2005

I am working on a new project using CCStudio and DM642 TI chip. I am
using the mpeg2_loopback project example given with the CCStudio
package as a base for my work. I was able to give a DVD player input
to the code and see the result on a display screen.
For my work I need to bypass the video capture and encoding and give
the input MPEG-2 bit stream directly to the decoder and get it
displayed.I copy 512000(BIT_BUF_SIZE) bytes of the input value to the
bitBuf array and set it as the inputICC buffer for the decoder cell
and keep updating the values in the bitBuf with new values in a
circular manner taking into account the number of words consumed by
the decoder in each decode call. As per the decoder document, I am
giving the input in Little Endian format. But I am unable to get the
input displayed properly on the screen. One thing I noticed while
debugging is that the 3 decode_out->outframe pointers(Y,Cr,Cb) point
to values(chars) which remain the same after each time outputting is
1(frame ready to be displayed). Can somebody tell me if this is the
right way to pass the input to the decoder.