"jump to reset" memory fill

Started by robe...@gmail.com April 25, 2005

Hello All,

I would like the system I am working on to recover from software-related errors, and have the idea that if I filled the unused areas of Program Memory with the op-code for a "jump to reset" ("branch to reset"?) instruction, then should the PC go off into an unexpected area of memory it will definitely recover. However, the VLIW aspects of the C6000 make me wonder if a simple trick like this will work, and it's not obvious from first reading of the Instruction Set Reference Guide what instruction to choose and how to form the full op-code.

Has anybody else done this and could guide me? The particular DSP I am using is the C6701, and I am using DSP/BIOS (in case that makes a difference).

Many thanks in anticipation,
Robert Ingham.