matlab interface with ccs problem

Started by chirag_jagadish May 19, 2005
hello everybody,
i am new to this group
so first of all i would like to say hello to everybody

i had to do a project in which i wanted to send a large matrix(image
file) to 6713 for which i wanted to use matlab

i used the program in Dr Rulph Chassaing's book example 9.6 - MATLAB
DSK interface for FIR implementation to test the communication between

it was supposed to communicate PC and the 6713 DSK board(Spectrum
but no communication was possible and during the build of the program,
there was a message saying "compiling for RTDX JTAG by default"

i am using the on board USB to connect the board to the USB on the

so can anyone tell me if i have to change any register settings in the
program so that comm is through USB cable or is there any hardware like
JTAG required.

thank you