upscaling video from CIF to 4CIF on DM642 platform

Started by mayank agarwal May 30, 2005
Hi all,
I am trying to configure saa7104 DAC which runs with
vport library of DM642 platform.I have configured many
of the registers of saa7104 but still i am getting
real time video display flickering.
i am trying to use hardware scaler saa7104 for
upscaling from CIF to 4CIF.
Does anyone can tell how can i adjust the pixel clock
or h/v sync in saa7104 registers to make the video
scale from CIF to 704*576.
Specifically in saa7104 registers if we need to
the values in Line sync array to upscale from
CIF to 4CIF.
Many thanks and kind regards to anyone of
you who is willing to take interest in solving my