Doubt on profiling a loop

Started by libi...@stee.stengg.com August 18, 2005
HI, DSP expert I am using XD510PP emulator connected with a DSP board. I want to profile a loop.

AT first, I used profile viewer to get the cycles:incl.Ave of the loop, it is 769096.

Then I set two breakpoint at the beginning and end of this loop, and use clock to collect the Cycles. When programme stoped at the beginning of the loop, I reset the clock=0, then run again. The result is 553980. Why is the difference by two profiling method so large? Which one is correct?

Another question, my DSP chip is C6416 (600M), can I calculate the processing time of this loop as following:

769096/600M=1.2ms. You help is much appreciated. Thanks first