how to store in external memory

Started by Ashish Valuskar October 15, 2005
hello friends,
I am working on dm642 evm board.now,
i want to configure the extrernal sdram with the dm642.
What I understand by reading the related document is that.
"I capture the video using video port 0 or 1 we can store into buffer using
the edma event for separate Y,Cb and Cr .Separate event will be genereated
and on separate buffer or FIFO it will store.
Am I right upto this point.
Now ,I want to transfer the captured video to the external memory say it is
sdram then my question is In which location of the SDRAM it is stored .
i) Is all the source and destination address of SDRAM is defined by EDMA
Registers means we have to set the EDMA register then it will automatically
ii) Is the location is automatically incremented for next frame or block. or
is there again any register setting .
How it can take the end of frame or block means when it has end and it can
take for next frame.
Is storing in the SDRAM or any other(external memory) is done on frame
basis,block basis, byte basis or bit by bit it will store.
And also from external memory how can we take those data for display.
kindly who can know the facts please guide me .