about C6713

Started by chandresh December 5, 2005
i am having problem described below.
please try to help

I am using DSK C6713 and CCS(v2.21).I want to use DSP library.This is a
brief description of the problem:
1) I have downloaded SPRA121 and installed dsplib for c67x into my
directory 'c:\'
2) I want to use dspf_sp_cfftr4_dif for radix-4 FFT. So, in my c file I
added: #include "C:\CCStudio\c6700\dsplib\include\dspf_sp_cfftr4_dif.h"
3) Then added file dsp67x.lib to my project.
4) When I tried to build & link(tried using text as well as visual linker)
the project,the following error come:
ERROR illegal relocation type 050002 found in section .debug_info, file

Please find attached the test project with this mail. A folder having
dsp67x.lib and the dspf_sp_cfftr4_dif.h is also attached.

Bhole Ka Bhagwan
Chandresh Dubey