c6713, Chassaing Example and UART Daughtercard

Started by awil...@hotmail.com November 3, 2006
Hi folks

I have a c6713 DSK and a UART Daughtercard from Windmill Innovations. I want to Tx the value of a potenciometer, connected to a microcontroller's AD and send this value to the DSK through this UART Daughtercard. I'm using the example program loop_intr from the Chassaing book "Digital Signal Processing and Applications with the C6713 and C6416 DSK", this program is an interrupt-driven using INT11, it's for audio purposes.

The thing is I'm newbie with this and I have not much idea of how to do it. Could anybody give me some tips to make this work out? or a detailed steps to run the program please... that will be must appreciate

Thanx guys