Re: Suggest method for Real Time data transfer between host and C6713 with VC++ application on host

Started by Jeff Brower February 2, 2007
> I am doing host to target communication part of my project. My requirement is that :
> Decoder on C6713 is exchanging frames sequentially as they are decoded with by target and writing frames to yuv file one after other.
> Now I want to design some application, which runs in VC++ and reads this file.

As I explained in previous posts to you, with DSK 6713 the only effective way you can access DSP data (and code) from Visual Studio is to use EducationalDSP HPI interface card.

> It will read each frame as is decoded and written by target on host yuv file, and will display.
> That is this procedure will be real time.
> I do not mind how slow this will go on.
> Now my question is br />

> Will this be possible? I think not because I tried to open same file in when target has written integer no of complete frames to yuv but not total all frames by giving breakpoint in CCS my VC++ application was not able to open yuv file and was giving error for opening.
> i.e. my problem is opening same file by CCS target and host at same time is there any solution for this in CCS?
> Is there any other better method to achieve this sequential communication with target and host pc vc++ application?
> Regards,
> Nilesh