Matlab - CCStudio Link Problem (CCSDSP)

Started by "miroslaw.stasiak" March 28, 2007
My configuration:
Matlab 2006a, CCStudio 3.1, DSK6416 TMSC320C6416T

I tried to establish link between Matlab and CCStudio.
The command ccsdsp started CCStudio Monitor, reset the board and then
gave error:
??? Error using ==>
CCSDSP:Error loading type library/DLL.

I checked the origin of that error and found that:

ccsdsp called initializeCCSdsp.m and it called function
callSwitchyard which called mexw32 file: curr_ccsmexswitchyard.mexw32

That last call caused an error.

I tried to call this mex file with different arguments from matlab
and I checked that ccsmexswitchyard([0 0 0 0 0]) caused error only if
there was zero on first position in argument array. Anyway this
function was called by script with such argument so it crashed.

I tried everything but nothing worked.
Please help

Also there was strange thing in ccsmexsetup. It gave structure with
empty device driver field. I don't know how to force CCStudio to put
this into configuration.

Of course CCStudio works perfectly with DSK without matlab.