The problem of loading BIN(converted from .out file) file from pci to target

Started by onlyflyer April 30, 2007
I'm writing a linux driver for C64(board dm642),my job is to load
target's program int to C64 from pci bus and start it.
First, I convert .out file(coff format) to hex file by hex6x.
Then, I convert the hex file to bin file by hexbin.
At last, I load this bin file to IRAM of c64.

BUT, When I look the memory of c64 by jtag,I find the program's offset
is wrong.For example,the _c_init_00's offset was 0x880 when is compiled.
But in the memory it is another value.

So,I think mybe something wrong when converting.I try to change the
hex6x's argument to test again,but it doesn't work.

Can anyone help me?
Thanks a lot :)