Started by sandeep gajbhiye June 1, 2007
hi there !
i am using C6713.i have did profiling with optimization (0-3) lavel.
now i want to how to calculte the data memory for context data , tables , local variable and array ? i find memory map file , but didnt get the answer. Is the varialbe in the Code size tune are the data memory ?
how to find memory for tables ? in which section it is stored ? my stack memory show 0x0 to 0x10000 uninitilised section ...and 0x0 to 0x8 for rts6700.lib : boot.obj (.stack)
so that it show only 8 byte how to calculate this ? my switch section show 0x0 to 0x0
is the Code size the programe size ? suppose i have 45568 byte code size so this should be the programe memory size ? or (.out file ) size the programe size ?

1) MIPS = MIPS capabilty of processor * time required foe code ? is it right ?
2) total instruction = total cycle * 8 ? is it right ?
3) performance of code in MHz or in MCPS ? how to calculte this one ?

thanx !

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