DM642 video ports

Started by "H.264encoderondm642" June 11, 2007
I have not used dm642 before. But want to know about its video ports. Few Q's are below. Can someone help me in them...

Can it be used for video signal i\p as well o\p? i think it is for dual purpose!

What is signal i\p and o\p format(RGB\YCbCr sampling rate etc)?

Can we set desired frame size and frame rate?

Is this operation of i\p and o\p can be through 2 ports on same dsk in parallel? as we can do with DMA...

So can i do parallel processing of video data(encoding or decoding such as H.264), when i am capturing or displaying frames at same time?

How much is capacity of buffer typically for these video ports have?

Waiting for experts clarification.

Thanks and Regards


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