C6211 DSK and DSP/BIOS problems

Started by jittyjittu June 28, 2002

I've been trying to run through the tutorials for Code Composer, and
I got stuck on the first set of DSP/BIOS lessons.

The lesson is pretty simple, it simply writes "hello world" to a log
object created via DSP/BIOS.

It compiles and loads on to the board correctly, but when I run it,
Code Composer slows down and it takes about 15s for any clicks or
keypresses to be registered. In addition nothing gets written to the
Log object.

I tried using break points to see what's happening, but execution
doesn't seem to even get as far as my code.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I'm running CCS 1.23 for the dsk on win98.


Thanks for all your responses.

Turns out I had to choose a different DSP/BIOS template (thanks

I was selecting the C6211dsk one because I have the TI dsk (go
figure), but I tried some of the others and it ended up working on
the generic C6211 template. :(

Thanks again,