Generating code with Simulink, Real Time Workshop and Code Composer 3.3

Started by nabin181 June 20, 2007
I tried to run C code generated by using Simulink and Real Time
Workshop on Digital Spectrum DSK C6713. I am using CCS 3.3 , Matlab
(14P3), Real Time Workshop ver 6. I was able to generate ANSI C
successfully. The simulink model I used have only two blocks "Line In
C6713 ADC" block directly connected to "Line Out C6713 DAC" with
DSKC6713 Traget Preference block. This model suppose to transfer audio
signal directly form Line In to Line out without any processing. When
I run incremental build the model generates C code Ok and invokes CCS,
loads and runs code in DSK C6713. However, I don't hear any sound
either on head phone port or Line out port. I don't have any clue why
I could not hear anything. Does anyone know why I could not hear the
sounds? I appreciate any help on this. Thanks.

Nabin Shrestha