Matlab link to CCS problem (enabling channel)

Started by Roi Katz June 23, 2007
i've been trying for awhile to connect matlab with CCS with matlab
i've run into a problem which i cannot solve.
when trying to enable channel everything works great when i select the
IDRAM for the .far attribute, but i cannot use it for i need a larger
array than this memory can provide, so my program didn't linked. so i
switched to SDRAM0, and viola, it did pass the linker stage and i had
a wonderful *.out file to be burned into the DSP card (TI DSK
than i've used matlab scripting which is working (i followed an
example of how i should do it), and the problem i get it "failed to
enable channel".
no reason specified.
i isolated the problem to what described above in the .far section of
the code which configures the memory map (for my understanding).
anyone has a solution for my problem? anyone is using the MATLAB link
to CCS?