COFF V2 format details for .cinit?

Started by dan_eyer July 22, 2002

I'm trying to parse the COFF V2 .out file produced
by Code Composer Studio 2.0 for the C6711. This
is related to writing my own bootloading code.

The .cinit section is different from the rest
because size and address data for each initialized
variable was included along with the actual
initial values, at least for Version 0 of COFF.

In COFF V0 the sizes in the headers were in words,
but in V2 they're in bytes, according to the
chapters in TI's spru035.pdf and spru186.pdf.

Is this true for .cinit also?

Can anyone point me toward a detailed description
of .cinit for COFF V2, also including the "holes"
the compiler seems to put in it for some sort of
alignment reason?


Dan Eyer
Mayflower Communications