Re: HPI on DSK6416

Started by Michael Dunn November 30, 2007
John Smith,

On 11/30/07, j...@yahoo.com wrote:
> Hi fellows,
> I have little info of HPI.

There is quite a bit of info at ti.com.

> My question is that Does DS6416 have HPI Capability?
I am not sure what a 'DS6416' is. If you are referring to TMS320C6416,
you can find out at ti.com without reading the datasheet. Hint- the
answer is yes.

> if so, can you suggest a way to use it (maybe on two DSK6414s)?
Again - I have never heard of a DSK6414. Perhaps you mean DSK6416.

Is there a real question that you have??

Are you trying to solve a particular problem??

I suggest that you review some of the info at ti.com to get your part
numbers and capabilities straight [or provide valid part numbers to
get me straight].

> Thanks