unfortunatly my emulator does not work. Is it damaged? help?

Started by ahma...@yahoo.com April 9, 2008
my xds510PP+ emulator which is connected to c54CST EVM worked properly. But today when I turned on my PC and the emulator and EVM at the start up of CCS the following error message displayed:
"Error connecting to the target:
Error 0x80001200/-1052
Fatal Error during: OCS, Target,
Device driver: Emulator Controller not responding
The targets should be power cycled
or hard reset followed by an emureset and reconnect to each target.
Then it is recommended to RESET EMULATOR. This will disconnect each
target from the emulator.
Sequence ID: 0
Error Code: -1052
Error Class: 0x80001200
I/O Port = 378

Board Name: C5416 DSK via XDS510 PP Emulator
Cpu Name: DSP_C54xx

Abort: Close Code Composer Studio.
Retry: Try to connect to the target again.
Cancel: Remain disconnected from the target
Diagnostic: Run diagnostic utility."
Do you know what is the problem? Did my emulator damaged?
please help me.