inline functions

Started by June 3, 2008

I'm new to CCS, so please do not deal severely with me ;)

The problems occurs when I try to inline functions. Allways I do so, there is the warning "function was declared but never referenced" from the declaration and an "undefined symbol" error from calling.
If inline is removed everything works fine.
The other thing is that "inline" is even not printed bold in source file, but in header file it is.
Testet in New installation of CCS 3.1 and 3.3.

Thanks for help!

I've tried many times to define inline functions within a C source file,
and to declare them within a header file to use it in another source
file, but it was not possible. The only way I could define public inline
functions was within a header file. It is maybe possible do define it
within a C file, but you would have to use it within the same file. I
think the compiler interprets the inline function like a #define.