profile clock has a different value than the clock() function value

Started by niti...@honeywell.com March 15, 2010

I am using the dm642 embedded platform in ccs environ.I am new to this environment can somebody help me with the various problems that i am facing.
1.I am getting different values by using just profile clock and clock() function.The clock() function value of cycle count is simply too large and not at all acceptable.I have used clock() function at 2 different places in the code, i shall subtract the 2 stored values and get the count value.The second method is simply have 2 break points and set the profile clock to 0 initially and the value after the second breakpoint is the cycle count.

2.I am trying to optimize the code but i am not able to lessen the cycle count after trying many techniques...please suggest something.
3.How to run a video and get the display of the video in the ccs environment.
Please help me... i need to finish the work quickly by this month end.