CCS independent methot to test emulator and JTAG scan length

Started by Jeff Brower November 2, 2010

Is there a way to independently test a Spectrum Digital XDS510PP emulator and JTAG scan chain without using SDConfig?

Our lab servers do not have motherboard parallel ports. Adding parallel port PCI/PCIe cards fails with SDConfig
because Spectrum Digital uses "direct I/O" access to legacy parallel port addresses (e.g. 0x0378, 0x0278, etc), and
they have not fixed this over the years. The exchange on this thread:


sums up this issue and accurately reflects our own internal experience. But, if we could avoid SDConfig and find
another way to test the emulator and scan length, that would be fine. Our test procedures require a method
independent of CCS and some of the commercial customers we support still use parallel-port emulators.

Will xdsprobe work? For example can we enter something like:

xdsprobe -f xxx.dat -i -v -p ce00