RTDX and Visual C++ without CCS

Started by Unknown September 28, 2001
Hi all,

I am using TMS320C6711 DSK with Code Composer v1.23. I wrote a
program using Code Composer to send number stored in an array to
McBSP, using interrupt-driven method (XINT1). That was working fine
as I can see the bit patterns (1s and 0s) of the number sent to McBSP
on an oscillscope.

However, I would like to do that without using Code Composer at all.
Instead I would like to use Visual C++ and RTDX. (refer to TI's
spra744, spra591) But as far as I know, it requires Code Composer to
enable RTDX: Tool | RTDX | enable RTDX, because Code Composer act as
the COM server for RTDX.

I can write Visual C++ COM client for RTDX, which requires Code
composer to enable RTDX.

Just wondering has anyone be able to enable RTDX without Code
composer? Or does anyone know any document available that might help
to solve my problem? Any helps would be greatly appreciated. ;)

In addition, has anyone be able to load, run and stop the DSK program
without using Code Composer? This is an example dsk6xldr under
\ti\c600\examples\dsk\dsk6xldr which gives some clues.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Steve Ma