RE: Using XDS510 for JTAG boundary scan testing

Started by Asselman Jan February 26, 2002
Hi Rick,

You can have a look on

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Subject: [code-comp] Using XDS510 for JTAG boundary scan testing I am designing a line of DSP boards containing FPGAs and a single chip
micro all on the JTAG chain. I want to be able to test the production
boards using JTAG boundary scan. It looks like I can use the XDS510
emulator from TI for emulation. I can also do everything else that I want
to do on this scan chain with the other chips.

I have been looking for some information on the XDS510 so that I might be
able to use it as my boundary scan hardware. This would make the testing
and interface consistent and simple. But so far I have found none. TI
support is having trouble understanding the question. The first line of
help seems to focus on their "canned" answers on using the emulator for
code debugging rather than to try to understand my problem.

Does anyone have ideas on the best way to use the XDS510 JTAG connector on
my board for boundary scan testing? Is there sufficient information on the
PC interface to the XDS510 to let me write software to drive test vectors
into the board? Or are there other XDS510 compatible emulators that will
let me do both code debugging (Code Composer Studio) and boundary scan
without needing two connectors on my target board and/or two
emulator/tester boards? Rick Collins
Arius - A Signal Processing Solutions Company
Specializing in DSP and FPGA design
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