editing linker file .cmd - file

Started by markan_b November 4, 2002
I am working with CCS2.10 and c6711dsk

I have a with creating two buffers each of 8192 bytes in Internal
memory (IRAM)-->I always get linking problem such like:
error: relocation overflow occured at address e.g. 0x00000430 in
section '.text'

Is it possible to create these buffers in IRAM and if so, can
somebody tell me how to edit the linker file...or how can I force
creating these buffers in SDRAM...???

Is there any tutorial describing how to edit linker files ...??? At the bottom of this mail, you can see my .cmd-File ......

It is very important for me ...

Thank you in advance,
Marko Babic //**************************************************************
/*C6xdsk.cmd Generic Linker command file*/

VECS: org = 0h, len = 0x220
IRAM: org = 0x00000220, len = 0x0000FDC0 /*internal memory*/
SDRAM: org = 0x80000000, len = 0x01000000 /*external memory*/
FLASH: org = 0x90000000, len = 0x00020000 /*flash memory*/

vectors :> VECS
.text :> IRAM
.bss :> IRAM
.cinit :> IRAM
.stack :> IRAM
.sysmem :> SDRAM
.const :> IRAM
.switch :> IRAM
.far :> SDRAM
.cio :> SDRAM