<bsl.h>, <codec.h>, <mcbsp.h> missing :o( ... Please help

Started by dipesh4u April 26, 2003
Hi all,

I am new to this group and new to DSP programming. I hope it will be fun to be a
part of such a group where we all share common interests and goals.

I have a little problem here, I have TMS320-C6711 DSK board which came with CCS
v2.10. But surprisingly TI has not supplied a lot of header files, <bsl.h> and
<codec.h> to name a few. I would really appreciate it if anyone of you all have
been able to get all the header files from TI and can provide me with those. It
will be a great help.

Hoping to get a reply :o)

-Dipesh Mamtora
Graduate Student, CSEE Dpeartment
University of Maryland Baltimore County