RTDX and Visual Basic

Started by Unknown June 5, 2003

I want to build a Visual Basic-like Application to communicate with a
DSK5416 program via RTDX. As I do not have MS Visual Basic, I am
using the free Envelop Engine
(http://www.freebyte.com/programming/compilers/envelop.html) which is
unfortunately no longer supported.

When making a simple application with a slider much like in the
DSP/BIOS Lesson 3 (Using the RTDX Control to Change the Load) Envelop
has problems with the line "Set rtdx = CreateObject("RTDX")"
(Identifier 'CreateObject' not found).

As I am quite new to (Visual?) Basic I am wondering how Envelop
should know about an RTDX object, which properties and methods it
has. In C we include libraries and use functions that are defined
there, but what is the equivalent mechanism in Basic??

Does anyone use another free Visual Basic IDE?

Best regards,