Started by Emerson Tan 95-28046 March 2, 2000

Hello! The C3x Simulator Code Composer Studio v1.0
seems to be infested with bugs. I have discovered
a few things... I would be interested to know if
anyone has the same problems:

Note: Memory-mapping Disabled
C33 Simulator Driver used
File I/O used (fopen, fread, fwrite, fclose)
Code is ANSI C Compatible, works in win98 dos box

1. .cmd file should conform to C33 Memory Map
2. Only internal RAM of C33 could be used,
the external areas cannot be used.
If used and loaded, CCS reports error no. 2154
3. If run for a long time, CCS would report error no. 2154
4. If I used stack to pass arguments instead of register ( -c vs -cr )
Functions do not receive arguments properly

Heres my cmd file:
PAGE 0 : PROG: origin = 0x00800000, length = 0x00003FFF
PAGE 1 : DATA: origin = 0x00804000, length = 0x00003FFF

.text : load = PROG page 0
.cinit : load = PROG page 0
.const : load = PROG page 0
.sysmem : load = PROG page 0
.bss : load = DATA page 1
.stack : load = DATA page 1

My compiler switches
-g -mafinr -as -o0 -x0
My assembler switches
-mr -gs
My linker switches
-cr -heap 0x400 -o encoder.out -stack 0x400 -x
Library used

Is this the latest version of the CCS? v1.0?

Emerson Tan