Re: [c6x] DSP/BIOS II

Started by Paul Kamphuis October 3, 2000

you should create a secondaty linker command file (let say test.cmd)
The first thing to do in this command file is including the command file


-l file.cmd

followed by your user specified memory sections.

You must then remove the DSP/BIOS generated command file from the Code Composer
project and
use test.cmd instead.

This is the way of doing it according to some TI example and it works for me.


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Hi all,

If I create a DSP/BIOS configuration file, the code composer also
generates a linker command file. I have some user specific memory
section which I add manually into the linker command file. If I change
the DSP/BIOS configuration file, the linker command file will also be
changed and my user specific memory section are overwritten.
Where can I define this user specific memory section in the way that
they will not be overwritten each time I change my DSP/BIOS
configuration file?

Thanks in advance.


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