some cdb file or project with BIOS

Started by Unknown December 3, 2005
hi all!

i am trying tho build a system (in this late night hour), with DSP/BIOS, on the TMS320F2811 DSP.
It does not want to work.

Does anyone have any working ccs-dsp/bios project, with user init function, with tasks, and with everything?
it would be the best, if it was for a flash-based DSP, and it used the flash.
if it is for any other family, it would be good too.
If yes, please send me, by e-mail.

I have some example files, in the installed ccs folder, but they are too simple, to use.

one other thing is not so clear for me:
which function does the peripheral initialization?
-the main function, or
-some other, which i added, as user init, in the config tool.
what should i do, to make the init function run?

istvan nagy