F2811 BIOS startup

Started by Unknown March 1, 2006
I have a problem with DSP/BIOS initialization in the TMS320F2811.
If I use my code in a simple C-project, without BIOS, it works, but if I try to use the same code with BIOS, it don't. It does nothing.
I have tried a lot of ways, i have used the sample project/codes from the spra958d appnote. Before that, I have built an own project. My initial project only handles leds and switches, so when I use BIOS, the leds remain active (because of the internal pillups) In my init routine, I set the leds off. So it is shure, that my initialization routine does not run at startup. I invoke it from main. There was an option in the sample project: call user init function. There are exist both the user init, and the main.
I spent some days for that. Another thing: I do not use evalboard, only my own board.
why do not run?
Has anybody any experience like that?
Istvan Nagy