McBSP programming!!

Started by sord...@hotmail.com July 5, 2006
Hi to everybody again,

I have been collecting information about programming c6713 peripherals. The project I am doing uses McBSP to send information between two c6713 targets. I am going to do it with DSP/BIOS, because it seems to be very easy. I have reviewed some examples and the configuration has no problems, but as I am only simulating, I want to use a loop to send and recieve with the same target (It's an option in the configuration manager of McBSP). My problem is that I don't know what C code I can include to probe that it works properly. Maybe an array of elements that are sent and recieved by the McBSP, but what instrumentation tool can I use to see the results??

Thanks for all and answer as soon as you can,

Pablo L.