linking two projects

Started by Sanel Moranjkic December 15, 2006
I am using Code Composer Studio 3.1 for the first time.
My aplication has several tasks runing on it, and they are declared
in TSK - Task Manager. Each task has it's own project where I
generate .lib file to be linked with main project. The project was
built earlier and now I need to add more code to it.
The problem is when I add new variable to one of projects, for
instance some float data[4][4], and compile this project everything
is OK. Later when I build main project, I become an error :

>> error: can't allocate .sts, size 00000130 (page 0) in DARAM
(avail: 00000100)
>> error: can't allocate .hst0, size 00000080 (page 0) in DARAM
(avail: 00000050)
>> error: can't allocate .switch, size 00000060 (page 0) in DARAM
(avail: 00000050)
>> error: can't allocate .dio, size 00000010 (page 0) in DARAM
(avail: 0000000c)

I try to find some solution and any help would be great.

I am using this hardware configuration:
OMAP board 5910, DSP processor is TMS320C55