Re: [c6x] Passing Command line Arguments to main function

Started by Bhooshan Iyer January 17, 2007
You can use either file I/O techniques or CCS probe points. File I/O is more
or less similar to ANSI C, whilst probe points is a CCS specific techniques.
You should be able to find reasonably detailed help on both from TI help/TI
examples directory. BTW, you cannot "pass" command line aruguments to ti
processors per se as there is no environment to which control comes back
during execution. One of those differences between a native system and an
embedded system.

Hope this helps.


On 1/16/07, H.264encoderondm642 wrote:
> I want to pass filename to my main file in CCS. What is method to do
> this...?
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> Nilesh

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