Compilation taking very very long time...

Started by "H.264encoderondm642" April 24, 2007
I am working on optimization of H.264 encoder. When i compile my code it takes 2 hrs. on my own pc. And on other pc it takes around >45 mins. My pc has P4, 768 MB RAM, 256 KB cache, > 5 GB empty HDD space for system drive.
In build options I have enabled ==>
file level optimization
No debug,
speed most critical
ext. function var refs.
no RTS function
use memory model
no bad alias code
speculate threshold
use function subsections
opt C\ASM interlisting
verbose opt. info.
generate optimizer comments
generate single iteration view of SP loops
generate compiler consultant advice
keep generated ASM files
generate assembly listing files
supress warnings
run time autoinitializations

supress banners
exhastively read libraries
warn about O\P sections

. All running programs are closed while compiling.

I do not know reason behind. Please tell me if there is any specific reason and solution for this. BTW my .c files are 22 in number, .h files are 34 in number, 1 asm file. 2 libraries files.

Since it takes very high time to compile work has become sluggish and time consuming.

Thanks And Regards,