C6713: application works with emalutor but not with flash memory.

Started by "kian.zarrin" December 24, 2007
I am new to DSP. My platform is DSK6713 kit for C6713 DSP. To get
started I tired to run the LED example of CCS.

I first could load the example on FPGA using emulator. But I couldn't
burn the application into the board. But by doing the tasks below
(A,B,C) I guess that:
1-My hex file generator command is OK
2-My procedure to burn the application in the board is OK
3-the problem is: the project should be modified to match the memory
space of the DSP properly.

A)I tried to burn LED example into flash of the board (so that the
board runs a need to connect to computer when it is power up). to do
this, I used this command to create a hex "file: hex6x a memwidth 8
release\led.out o led.hex" and Then I ran flashburn application:
1) For FBTC stuff i used FBTC6713.out file (in flashburn application
installation folder)
2) Hex file= led.hex
3) I downloaded FTBC, erased and programmed flash. Then power Off and
power on the board with emulator USB cable disconnected.
The result was that it didn't work and LEDs didn't blink.

B)I then worked on BlinkDSK6713 example which is for flashburn
application. I used the same hex generator command and followed
exactly the same procedure for flashburn application and it worked
(ie LEDs blinked on the board after power up).

C)I compared these two projects: There was a DSP/BIOS file for LED
project while a lnk.cmd file existed in BlinkDSK6713 project.

My guess:
1-the hex generator command should be OK because it worked for
2-my procedure to burn the application into the flash is OK because i
burned the BlinkDSK6713 application successfully.
3-The memory space is not used properly in LED example such that it
works when loading with emulator but does not work when working with

My request:
is that what is the problem that I can't load the LED example into
the board flash and run it successfully? And how can I solve it?
With thanks in advance
Kian Zarrin