configuring ccs for omap 1510

Started by mdsh...@gmail.com February 23, 2008

Am using CCS v3.1 platinum edition, to work on OMAP 1510 innovator kit. The Sdopts.cfg displays the following on emu-check:

** Emulator Test **

$$ EmuProductName=XDS510PP_PLUS

$$ EmuPortAddr=0x378

$$ EmuPortMode=SPP8

$$ ProductId

$$ ProductVersion

** Emulator Scan Test

-- Found JTAG IR length of 50

-- Found 3 JTAG device(s) in the scan chain

**Emulator is reset

The emulator is XDS510PP-Plus. my printer port is configured to 0x378.

i try setting the CCS setting as follows:

Family: OMAP

There are two omap1510 boards... one with xds510 and the other with xds560 emulator. so i choose the first one: "OMAP1510 ES2 XDS510 Emulator".

But its port is configured to 0x240. Am not able to change it to 0x378 as the drop-down list doesnt have the 0x378 option.

when i try to save the settings and start ccs and Debug-->Connect it says:

Error connecting to the target:
Error 0x80000240/-180
Fatal Error during: Initialization, OCS,
This error was generated by TI's USCIF driver.

The controller has detected a target power loss.
The user may have failed to turn-on or connect its source.

need some help on this..

Mohammed Shareef
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