Reed Solomon with Erasure

Started by hamed December 17, 2008
I have a question about key eqation solver when supporting erasure in
reed solomon

B(x) = erasure locator polynomial
S(x) = syndrom polynomial
ELP(x) = error locator plonomial
Z(x) = value polynomial

key equation solver is :
ELP(x). B(x). S(x)  = Z(x) mod X^2t
if  T(x) = B(x). S(x)] mode 2t  =>  key equation slover:  ELP(x) . T
(x) = Z(x)

when I  implement normal Berlekamp (2t iterationds) for the above
equation , it doesn't work (when number of erasure is  > t !!!!!) ,

My question is :
is the number of iteration is different from 2t? or I need to do some
initialization !!!!!!!!

Best regards,