Compare two audio signals

Started by nagarajan karunakaran October 27, 2010
On Oct 28, 1:47&#4294967295;am, nagarajan karunakaran <prassa...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, i am working on a concept where i want to compare two audio file > (content of audio file)is identical to some extent.For ex if it's two > different people saying the same words .I have to say they are equal. > I have done goggling but i not able to predict what is really needed > for my project. &#4294967295;I don't know ,where to start and how to start.How can > i compare audio files in that manner.Please help me out with any idea > about it.What is the correct approach for my concept.
Tricky. You need speech recognition and compare the text 9as the vampyre has already pointed out). Speech recognition needs training to be good so such a system can never be accurate unless it is people who have used the equipment apriori. Hardy to do with total strangers. You can rest Osama.. Hardy
On Oct 28, 9:47&#4294967295;am, Tim Wescott <t...@seemywebsite.com> wrote:
> On 10/27/2010 11:26 AM, glen herrmannsfeldt wrote: > > > > > Tim Wescott<t...@seemywebsite.com> &#4294967295;wrote: > > (snip) > > >> Picking out two different recordings, made in two different places, of > >> the same sound source may be possible, but you'd have all sorts of > >> complications because of different acoustics causing different echos and > >> reverberations. > > >> But two _different_ people saying the same word? &#4294967295;Oh man -- that's a > >> task that humans don't always get right; getting a machine that could do > >> it reliably would require a team of people for a good amount of time. > >> I'm not even sure it's been done, but if it is it's being done by a > >> well-connected researcher who's good a writing grant proposals and at > >> getting work out of his grad students. > > > It seems that it is good enough for companies to (try to) use it. > > > More and more phone response systems, such as banks and airlines, > > are using it. &#4294967295;I usually find it easier to put in the account > > number or flight number using the keypad, but they expect one > > to "say" the account or flight number. &#4294967295;Sometimes it gets it right, > > other times not. > > > I remember one about 30 years agot that would do one digit math > > problems, and ask for the answer. &#4294967295;Even with only ten choices, > > it got it wrong fairly often. > > Independent speaker recognition of just a few words in one language is > heaps more reliable than independent speaker recognition of any random > utterance in any arbitrary language. > > -- >
for a fixed vocab it could be made to work. Ex: president,bomb,explode,meeting,kill and such like
I have made a word rcognition system which works on taking
the speech samples and passing it via filter banks and then
doing the decimation. At the end of it, a 2 dimensional
template is generated which is time averaged (time averaging)
is done only during training phase.

When the actual speech sample comes in, its template is
computed and compared with averaged-reference-template,
the one which has min error is the closest match. 

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