Frequency bin in wavelets transform

Started by shinchan75034 June 16, 2011
Dear DSP experts,
I would like to know how to calculate the actual range of the frequency
bins in the frequency axis. It must have to something to do with the
sampling frequency Fs, So I think the top of the top frequency bin must be
the half of the Fs, correct? However I don't know the rest of frequency
axis, how do you determine the actual Hz where the bands are divided? 

Thank you for your input.
I believe some wavelet transforms have octave spaced frequency bands.
If that is not the case then it should be possible to view your
transform as a filter bank instead. Then plot the frequency responses
of the impulse responses and determine the bandwidths by visual
Btw. you don't necessarily need to know the sampling frequency, maybe
for your problem a normalized frequency axis is sufficient.