SHARC development tools [FAQ 3.3.2]

Started by Alessandro Basili November 28, 2011
It looks like the link reported in the FAQ 3.3.2 is broken.
Apparently the maintainer of the tools moved the content here:

(better cross check with the maintainer of the tools though).

Further info:

- I cannot untar the sharcasm (tar xvf does not work).
- the binutils package looks promising but unfortunately is roughly
speaking not even compiling. It lacks of opcode, so no
objdump/objcopy/... can be compiled.
- the README.a21k warns the user about several problems during
compilation and provides a handful of black magic to make it through but
unfortunately during the installation process the missing
objdump/bla/bla stops make.

Eventually I copied manually what I needed in the correct place but
unfortunately I did not manage to create an archive out of the objects
created with g21k (the gcc port for ADSP21K released by AD).

My 2 cents.


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